18 Days late, negative pregnancy tests, could I still be Pg?

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misspriss82 Asked: 18 Days late, negative pregnancy tests, could I still be Pg?

I am 18 days late from having my period.I have taken 4 Home pregnancy tests on day 3, 4, 7 and 13, all with negative results.I am not stressed nor was I trying to get pregnant, as I am on the pill.I am not having any symptoms really, except I have been having heartburn and a "tingling" feeling in my breasts, but no soreness.
I have heard it can take a while to show HCG in your urine, but has anyone gone longer than this and still been pregnant?I called my dr's office and they didn't really seem too concerned unless I miss my period next month.


Pregnant Due August 5th 2012 Answered:
HCG can be detected in your blood around 3 weeks, most pregnancy tests can detect HCG at 4 weeks. So you being 18 days late which means your would be about 7 weeks pregnant I would think a pregnancy test would pick it up. You should get your doctor to get your blood checked just to be safe.

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