Can I use hCG on my 13 year old daughter?

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mojo Asked: Can I use hCG on my 13 year old daughter?

She is overweight and has been battling weight loss since she was little and I found this and it looks likke it works well. I just need to know if its safe for her to use. Thanks for all your help!


Its Me Answered:
Putting your 13 year old diet is just setting her up for severe eating disorders when she is older. Your whole family needs to go on a lifestyle change, go for daily family walks, enrol her in sports, reduce your portions and plan healthy meals. Do not buy tempting foods, and make homemade dinners as much as possible. Get a family gym membership and go on weekends or whenever you are free. That is the only thing that will work for long term results. As her mother, be supportive, make sure she never hears the terms "over-weight", or "fat" applied to her, again that is just setting her up for depression. It is also important that you do it as a family, so she does not feel like this change is just for her. Ease into the change, not suddenly. Stick with this. Don't expect her to lose a lot of weight really fast.

Freddy Answered:
I'm 14 years old. I used to be very overweight at 13, it was majorly noticeable. I talked with my mom about how serious this is, and we need healthier food. She started adding in more vegetables and fruits, and natural things. We ate salads, small grain bars, and no white bread. We ate smaller portions than what we normally ate. We bought 5-calorie gum so when we had a food craving more than our meal that we previously had, we could chew on that and we would be satisfied. We always drank 1-2 cups of water before every meal. I have lost over 40 pounds because of this change. I still drink water before every meal (In fact, I am right now). So I suggest to do what my mother and I did. Cut out some of the junk food, but not all. There should only be about 15% of junk food in your house. You can't cut it out completely.

If your daughter still has trouble, have her make a SparksTeen profile.

LMay Answered:
it may not be her fault or your fault if she's overweight. There's this one disorder that blocks chemical signals from your brain that would tell you when your full, and it's genetic. That may be why dieting hasn't been working. I'm sorry that you have been having problems with this. I have no clue what hCG is, but if I were you, I'd ask a doctor if she can use it.

Anything hormonal is usaully not good for a child or teen, atleast until they finish growing. You do not want to alter her hormones. When you take hormones it makes your body think it don't need to produce as much itself and will eventually downgrade your body's natural production of the givin hormone later on in life, so it may cause other problems later when she gets older. Here's some more to read on hCG
The best thing to do for weightloss is anything natural as it will be much better for the long term. You could also check out , they have plenty of articles about nutrition and exercise for weight loss.
One more note, if you think her hCG levels are low then I would consider taking her to a physician where they can take some tests, Her hCG levels may be fine but may even find something else that may be low, for example, her thyroid levels could possibly be low especially if it runs in your family history, so if she has been strugling with weight loss for some time and you have already tried diet and exercise (which is the best and safest way to go) I would take her to a physician because their may be an underlying issue causing her to not be able to lose weight.

Hope this helps.


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